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Just Keep Going: An Interview with Jennifer Sacco

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Jennifer Sacco of Remarkable Women

Jennifer Sacco truly is remarkable. 

Her bio from says it all, "She is the founder and CRW (Chief Remarkable Woman) of Remarkable Women. She has achieved success in the real estate industry as the Founder and President of Old Towne Title Company in Winchester, VA, and in her community as a leader and connector of remarkable women. She is passionate about connecting Remarkable Women and helping them create Remarkable Spaces that reflect their authenticity and allow them to pursue their passions & inspire others.

"Jennifer is a writer, connector, entrepreneur, motivator, believer, risk taker and loves spontaneity, ideas and solutions. She helps women cultivate relationships with other remarkable women and themselves. She writes about how to create spaces where women have the freedom to pursue their passions and really connect with themselves, and about what drives women to be remarkable."

What is your Current Gig/Passion Hustle? 

Remarkable Women 

Remarkable Women Gathering

What is a quote you live by?

Do one thing that scares you everyday - Eleanor Roosevelt 


What small thing will you do today to make your world/community a better place? 

Choose Happiness


Jennifer Sacco of Remarkable Women

What is a day in your life like?


In the morning I give myself an hour to just wake up have my coffee and not go rush to do something (I call it Jen time) keep in mind I am very much a morning person but realized soon I needed to find time for me.


I then workout if it is a workout day; if not, I get ready for work. Most would laugh, but I get caught up on my Netflix while I am getting ready in the mornings mainly b/c I hate to get ready :)


I work 8-10 hours come home have dinner with the girls if able (teenagers so right now it's about sports, girlfriends, boys and Buffalo Wild Wings) soo..... I try!


More Jen time most nights - make a bath (Epson salt with lavender oil) and relax.


My husband and I have a very social life, so on the nights nothing is planned we are out with friends. We have great friendships with our couples and we are super grateful for them. 

Jennifer Sacco of Remarkable Women

What has been your journey to get to where you are now in your career/life? 


Short version- I came from a very poor background living in a trailer park with no heat a lot of times in the winter and a very dysfunctional family of alcoholics.


First, I'd have to say the start of what got me here was a school bus - that school bus showed me other kids homes (nice homes) it took me further in and around town to see that there was more out there and I didn't want to be the girl anymore that was embarrassed to get off the bus b/c another school bus was behind us and I didn't want those other kids to know where I lived.


Second, the moment when I heard that my mother could not get a car b/c she had bad credit. I thought, “Ok Jennifer you have to know what credit is, and it has to be good.”


Third, I realized at age 16 I didn't need to live or be around the people in my life. So, I left home, and from age 16 I have just maneuvered. I always believed there was a way, so I just did it and I know that if it doesn't work, then there is another way.


You just keep going.


I think being the middle child I became very competitive, because I was always looking for attention.


That also played a huge role in my journey - super competitive. 


Jennifer Sacco of Remarkable Women

What was the biggest struggle you had to overcome? 

Being around women with huge titles - heck women who have just gone to college is a struggle for me.... I did not go to college.


“Straight up hustler.” I thought after high school there was a faster, easier way to get what I wanted without having to go to school and go into debt. 


Jennifer Sacco of Remarkable Women

Any recommendations for someone wanting to start their own business? 

Talk with other business owners... not life coaches! 


What was the driver for you to create and launch Remarkable Women? 

Creating and bringing passion back into my life.


What is your favorite story from the work you guys are doing at RW? 

There’s a time where I remember being so nervous to do a Podcast with this remarkable woman I was connected to.


When I was doing my research and realized WOW:

1 - How did I get her?

2 - Holy crap!

3 - Pull up your big girl panties.


It was a Saturday and I told my husband, “Have a glass of wine and the bath ready. Because when I am done I am going to need it.”


I did that interview in my closet.


After I was done I left my closet went right for the glass of wine and hot bath and to this day we still engage with each other and she has no clue about the behind story. 


Jennifer Sacco of Remarkable Women

How do you balance owning multiple businesses, being an entrepreneur, while also raising your beautiful daughters? 

One huge trait about myself is I am a very fair person. Sometimes it can not be so helpful, but for all the things you mentioned, it allows me to do it all.


I balance through being fair. 


What prepared you the most for what you’re doing now? 

Choices. The good and the bad ones. 

Jennifer Sacco

What is something you hope our readers will do after they read this interview? 

If you are a risk taker you keep taking risks and for the non risk takers make sure you have one in your life!


What does it mean to be an everyday hero to you? 

I am grateful that we have so many wonderful people out there; and that we can show ourselves, and our children, that every day a hero is born. 


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  • Sherry Rogers: March 18, 2018

    You could not have picked a better woman to spotlight. I’ve known Jennifer for over 20 years. I gave her one of her first jobs and knew right away she was going to a force to be reckoned with. She was and continues to be one of the most determined women I’ve ever met. It was my great privilege to have been part of some of the most important events of her early life that helped frame her today. It is an even greater privilege to call her ‘friend’’. Although, younger than myself, Jennifer is an inspiration to me. I can’t even imagine her not being a inspiration to many women.

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