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Fears are Just Barriers: Continuing Gabby's Story

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Gabby Poppy Ambassador

Fear. No matter who you are, or what you’re doing, that little feeling always seems to find it’s way into your life at some point or another. You can have the most detailed plan, and it will still find a way to overtake your thoughts.


We are incredibly grateful and honored that our Poppy Ambassador, Gabby, shares her honest battle with fear. Tomorrow is unknown and we don’t have any guarantees when we pursue our passions.


When one of our employees expressed, “I’m afraid,” about life circumstances, their mentor looked at them and asked, “Is there a T-Rex at your front door?”


Confused, they questionably replied, “No?”


“Fear is a feeling. Pick a different feeling. Your life isn’t on the line. Only your pride.”


Fear is a feeling, and we have a choice. Do we succumb to it, or, as Gabby eloquently will share, do you “close your eyes, hold your breath, and [choose to] jump straight into the deep end”?


Gabby Poppy Ambassador

Here’s Gabby’s story:


Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you that I thrive on organization. My planner is filled with notes and reminders for everything from assignment due dates to vaccination schedules for my animals.


I have every little thing planned from my visits to the barn to when I’ll get my homework done. And my friends and family will tell you that nothing upsets me more than when a situation doesn’t go quite right.


Gabby Poppy Ambassador

As I’m coming to a close to my career as a full time student, I’m starting to panic over what comes next. I know my plan. I spend hours creating layouts for barns and semesters studying different disabilities and how to train the horses to handle them. The amount of uncertainty that comes with building a business from the ground up is my biggest fear that I am coming closer and closer to having to face.


In the past I have encountered setbacks that have taken me off guard. I knew I wanted to experience the work of therapeutic riding but had no idea how to get my foot in the door in that part of the industry. I had no idea how to work with a rescue horse that needed a training refresher.


Gabby Poppy Ambassador

The only way I’ve found to face those fears is to close your eyes, hold your breath, and jump straight into the deep end. And I’ve discovered that by immersing yourself in new situations, and surrounding yourself with people who are willing to teach is the only way to learn how to swim.


Through diving into the equine industry, I’ve been able to engage in years of therapeutic riding lessons, allowing me to educate myself and others. I have been able to take numerous rescue horses and have a disabled child safely and happily on their back within a couple months.


Gabby Poppy Ambassador

I have grown tremendously in my communication skills, and my ability to handle unexpected situations. I’ve gained confidence in myself and in my abilities; and all it took was one phone call.


When I think about all of the struggles I’m going to face as I try to start my own therapeutic riding program, I have to remind myself that my fears are just barriers in my way to a successful business.


Gabby Poppy Ambassador

I’m still afraid of not being able to find suitable horses, not being attracting students, and that my business plan won’t go as planned. And then I think that the most successful lessons I’ve ever taught, are the ones that didn’t go according to plan at all.


To read more about Gabby and follow her story, check out Meet Our Ambassador Gabby and Riding Confidence.


Gabby Poppy Ambassador

Photos Taken on Eclipse Ranch. 


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