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Fear vs. Faith: An Interview with Luxury Home Realtor, Joy Fraser

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Joy Fraser Luxury Home Realtor


Joy Fraser is a wife, mom, and the founder of Colorado Luxury Houses and holds a Broker Associate license at Keller Williams Real Estate. She lives in Parker, Colorado.


What is your Current Gig/Passion Hustle?

I am a Realtor... I help people buy, sell, and invest in real estate. I also coach brand new real estate agents through their first year. 


 Joy Fraser Luxury Realtor


What is one quote you live by?

“The purpose of business is to fund a perfect life.”

-Diana Kokoszka


What small thing will you do today to make your world/community a better place?

Listen more. Talk less.


Joy Fraser Luxury Realtor 

Walk us through a day in your life?

I wake up about 6:30 get myself and my family ready and prepared for the day. We are all out the door by 8:15, I head to the office and I spend a lot of my time checking in with friends and past clients to see how they are doing, if they need any referrals for service providers or how I can help them, and if they know anyone that I can help buy, sell, or invest in real estate.


I am also teaching classes to the new agents 3 days a week. I try to be home after school for my kids and then head out to show houses after clients get off of work. 


Joy Fraser Luxury Home Realtor 


What has been your journey to get to where you are now in your life?

I have always had an entrepreneur spirit. When I was little I opened a gift wrapping company over winter break (I charged $.25 a present to wrap- my best customers were my dad and brother!) I went to the University of Iowa, received my degree in recreation and worked in that field for about 2 years.


That little entrepreneur kept calling me so I started making dog treats and dog collars and selling them at Farmers Markets and on Etsy. Unfortunately, the market took a dive and people didn't spend a lot of extra money on their pets. At this point, I had my first son and wanted to stay home with him so I opened an in-home day care. I did that for 3 years, and while I felt blessed to be able to stay home with my son and help other families, I didn't feel fulfilled.


Our family took a trip to New York City in July 2011 and something clicked walking through the streets and I decided to get my real estate license. When we got home I started researching schools and started classes in August 2011! It was scary and thrilling at the same time. 


Joy Fraser Luxury Home Realtor


What was it like when you realized that maybe it was time to stop pursuing the pet business you had started? 


The market crashed. I had an infant at home and going to farmers markets every weekend and prepping during the week just wasn't as easy as it once was with a young child and it wasn't as monumental as some would think. It was just a change in life.


My pet business was good but it wasn't a huge asset that should be sold off. It was a hobby business I do think back now and say, "If I would have known back then how to run a business, I would have done things differently and been a lot more successful."


Joy Fraser Luxury Home Realtor


What were some key things that helped you get through that? 


Being a busy mom. 


Do you remember that specific point when things clicked in New York? 

I think walking around, seeing the hustle and bustle, people my age and thinking I am young, still have time to start a career and I wanted to look at every building and wanted to know how much each one was worth, how does renting vs buying differ in NYC and that is why I realized I really had an interest in real estate.


I don't think everyone goes on vacation and ask locals the ins and outs of buying vs renting in the town. 


What was the scariest part about starting that new adventure?

Knowing that I was going to have to ask friends to use me for their real estate transactions and to refer business to me. What was the most exciting and encouraging part? Getting through the real estate course work quickly and passing the test on the first try. 


Joy Fraser Luxury Realtor


What was the biggest struggle you had to overcome?

The biggest fear I have had to overcome is, "No." You have to ask to receive. The answer is either going to be yes we want to do business with you or we know someone that wants to do business with you. Or no we don't want to do business with you. But the outcome is the same, I keep walking down the street smiling. 


Do you have any stories of triumph after someone said “No” to you? 

Not everyone is going to want to use me to buy, sell, or invest in real estate. It's how quickly I pick myself up and get back to work when I find out that someone has chosen to work with someone else that has taken practice and perseverance.


I found out that a friend had switched from listing their home with me to their parents friend. I was really upset, and sad. I didn't want to do anything. I had committed to doing an open house. While I was there, and it was empty, I was on the phone with my parents telling them the story, and at the very end someone came in. I hung up with my parents and talked to the person.

Turns out he didn't have an agent, was moving from out of state, and was a radio dj. On Monday, he gave me a shout out! To think, I wanted to stay in bed and eat ice cream!


Joy Fraser Luxury Home Realtor


What was the driver for you to pursue your current career?

My family. I say to myself on a daily basis... "My family deserves everything they desire."


What is your favorite story from the work you’ve done?

I had a friend that moved out of state and they were selling their place here in Colorado. They didn't have heath insurance coverage for their pregnancy, because it was considered a preexisting condition with their new coverage at their new job. I sold their home for more money than expected with a closing sooner than we expected and it was going to cover the entire delivery of their child. When I told them on the phone I thought we got disconnected, turns out she was crying because she was so relieved. 


What prepared you the most for what you’re doing now?

Being overly optimistic. I was worried about having a job that was commission based but it never entered my mind that I wouldn't be able to help anyone buy or sell a home. And that's half the battle... to believe you can do it.  


What is your biggest fear?

"Fear or Faith... You choose." I choose Faith. 


Joy Fraser Luxury Home Realtor 


How do you balance life and career?

It's impossible to have pure balance. My family understands that when I am really busy with work and working 7 days a week there will be lulls later when I can work 4 days a week and we will have quality time then. We try to take two quality family trips a year and I can usually arrange my schedule to be home with them on school breaks. 


Joy Fraser Luxury Home Realtor


How do you use what makes your heart sing to make the little bit of world around you a better place?

About 2 years ago I started giving money back to teachers for every buyer closing. When a buyer closes on a home they get to choose the teacher that benefits from the donation. If the buyer is a teacher then the money is donated directly to their classroom. 


Was there a specific thing or event that caused you to become a champion and supporter for teachers? 

I had a teacher client and the houses that we had to look at, in the neighborhoods were not great. She had great credit but her salary and her student loans put her in such a low purchase point. It was then that I decided I wanted to give back to teachers. 


What do you wish more women would do for themselves?

Believe in themselves. 


What is something you hope our readers will do after they read this interview?

Put thoughts into ACTION. Create a plan and execute. 


What does it mean to be an everyday hero to you?

An everyday hero is a quiet leader, someone that others can look up and they do it because it right not because they think its right. 


Joy Fraser Luxury Home Realtor


Is there anything else you’d like to share?

There are ups and downs in life, and the key is not to let the down keep you down for a long time, the longer you are down the harder it is for you to get back up. Eliminate self-doubt from your mind, pick an affirmation and say it daily, believe it, live it. 


Do you have a specific affirmation that you repeat to yourself daily? 

It changes based on the day or week. 


Joy Fraser Luxury Home Realtor 

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