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Changing the World One Small Step at a Time

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Single Moms Oil Change
God is calling you to change the world one life at a time and one small step at a time. Begin today where you are.
Dillon Burroughs


Changing the world is a hot and popular topic these days. There’s a lot of reasons to get discouraged any time you turn on the news, or just log into Facebook. You can’t escape the negativity it seems.


We can get so caught up in that negativity that it paralyzes and makes us think, “There’s nothing I can do to make the world a better place.”


But man, what if instead of focusing on the whole world, we focused on the little bit of world around us?


Poppy Loves on Single Moms 

Bear with us for a second, and follow our thinking:

What if instead of trying to improve the lives of thousands, we try to improve the life of one?


What if instead of trying to transform a person, we start simple and do something that makes today better for them?


And then what if we woke up and did the same thing tomorrow. And the day after?


What if the people whose days we made better were inspired and did the same for others?


What if by making other peoples’ days better, that person’s life was changed?


What if those impacted in turn did the same?


Poppy Serves Single Moms


Using What’s in Our Hands Right Now

Several years ago, each person on our team was challenged to look at our lives and careers and ask the question, “How can I use where I am today to make a difference? Not to change the world, but to make the little bit of world around me a better place? And how can I do that today?”


For each person that has looked differently, but the heart is the same, “How do I use what’s in my hands right now, today, to bless others?”


We ask the same thing of Poppy, “How can we use this company to bless others?” Because we are new, we are not at the place where we can make major financial contributions, but we do have something else that people need: time and shoes.


Poppy Serves Single Moms


Loving on Single Moms

The past weekend we were invited to participate in an event that loves on single moms, by providing them free oil changes and car repairs to keep their families safe, a pantry for them to take home food, connections to job opportunities and training, and more.


What were we able to do? We were able to hang out with these moms, encourage them, and give them free shoes. We did not realize how great that need truly is until we started hearing their stories.


Poppy Gives Away Free Shoes


“Both my girls needed shoes for school and I didn’t know how I was going to pay for them.”


“It’s hard. Having my kids is so expensive and trying to pay for it all when you’re on your own gets overwhelming.”


Poppy Gives Away Free Shoes


“Oh my goodness, I needed new shoes that would be comfortable! My feet are so tired at this stage in my pregnancy.”


“These are my only pair of shoes.” What we saw broke our hearts because those one pair of shoes were falling apart.


One single mom has a daughter with special needs. Her daughter does not let her disability define her and is a runner in the Special Olympics. She was so excited about the Teal Encourager Hi Tops that she is going wear them in her next competition.


Another Mom was so cute as talked about wearing a pair of Encourager Hi Tops the next time she works out.


Poppy Gives Away Free Shoes 


We have learned that 81% of single families are headed by moms, and 35.6% live below the poverty line.  


The Most Important Job in Society

These women have the most important job in society, raising a human life. They are responsible for the well-being of another little person that is entirely dependent on them. It’s a job too big for one person, yet here they are, making it happen, hoping they are “Doing it right” and that their kids will be “Okay.” We were so honored to celebrate and love on these heroic women.


Poppy Gives Away Free Shoes


We didn’t change their lives with a pair of shoes, but we contributed to making their day just a little bit better and brought smiles to their faces or to the faces of their daughters.


This Mother’s Day we hope you’re inspired to love on a single mom in your life. Make them a meal, offer to help do laundry, or clean their house. Ask them what you could do to serve them. Or maybe get them a gift card to a restaurant so she can take her and her kids out for a fun dinner together. Find a small way to celebrate her. Look for a way to make her day just a little bit better and easier.


If you don’t know someone, call a local church (even if you are not a person of faith), and ask if they have a single mom you can love on.


Ask, “What is one small thing I can do today to serve someone else?”


Poppy Gives Away Free Shoes


Part of Poppy's mission is to inspire women to be the feet that go and do, by discovering what makes their heart sing. We are always looking for inspirational stories of women who are making an impact on their community in small and big ways. If you have a story you feel needs to be shared, please email


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